ONLINE TRAINER is a new and very effective way for you to bring a personal trainer and nutritionist right into the comfort of your own living room or gym. I am here to give you a road map to your goals. To hold you ACCOUNTABLE and EDUCATE you so you can get the results you have always dreamed of. All programs are tailor made depending on your fitness level and the goals you set for yourself. Whether you workout in a gym or in the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME, all programs will be modified for the equipment you have available to you. Programs may include machines, free weights, resistance bands, fit balls, medicine balls or simply body WEIGHT EXERCISES. Each program will come with LIVE VIDEO'S of each exercise being performed properly. The Videos will teach proper technique, number of sets and repetitions to perform as well as your rest periods. All programs will come with variations of the exercise so individuals with injury and special conditions can still perform the specific program.


All programs will also come with a CARDIOVASCULAR PROGRAM with not only the amount of time you will need to exercise but at the right level of intensity. As your level of fitness improves we will modify your program with new sets of videos to allow you to keep making the improvements that you deserve.


A nutritional MEAL PLAN will also be included with your in home online trainer. All clients will be given a GROCERY LIST containing healthy carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats where you can choose the foods you desire. From the grocery list I will prepare a meal plan based on your gender, current age and weight. Every four weeks weights will be taken and meal plans will be modified according to your new results. You will also be able to ASK QUESTIONS about your program as well as your meal plan by chatting with me online on my contact page.


So what are you waiting for? Learn the RIGHT WAY and attain your goals with the help of your online trainer and nutritionist.

Online/Group Training & Boot Camps


Workout where YOU CHOOSE to!

Much more AFFORDABLE than private sessions!

Workout with NO INTIMIDATING trainers!

Instructional VIDEOS you can WATCH OVER AND OVER!

Meal plans that let YOU CHOOSE THE FOODS YOU EAT!

Workouts are FUN and EXCITING and just for you!


GROUP TRAINING and BOOT CAMPS are one of the most popular and ENJOYABLE ways of exercising. Everyone knows how intimidating it is to walk into a gym out of shape and start working out. Exercising in groups is more fun, less intimidating, increases adherence and is much more AFFORDABLE. All group training programs and boot camps will be modified for the level of fitness of the individual as well as for individuals with special conditions. Take that fear away and save some money along the way by working out with a friend or group of FRIENDS. Bring in your husband, wife or bring in a colleague. It doesn't matter who you bring as long as you are here having fun and giving your body what it deserves.

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