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Lifelong Fitness takes PRIDE in not only giving you a great workout and attaining your goals. But to make sure you attain those goals the RIGHT WAY and assuring you that you feel better now than when you started. Lifelong Fitness works along side health professionals of all different areas to assure that you are not only looking better, but feeling better as well. Whether you have a disability, diabetes, osteoporosis, CHRONIC NECK and LOWER BACK PAIN or any other type of health issue. Lifelong fitness and our team of health professionals will WORK TOGETHER to form structured programs to get you the best overall health that you deserve.

Mountain View Pain Center At Mountain View Pain Center we are COMMITTED to RELIEVING your pain and restoring you to good health and wellness. We are able to do this by combining EXPERT ADVICE, the highest QUALITY chiropractic care currently available, advanced soft tissue work and state-of-the-art REHABILITATION programs. At our office you will experience the benefits of a dynamic TEAM APPROACH and receive a level of care which is virtually unmatched elsewhere. With this powerful combination our chiropractors can dramatically improve your life and the lives of your friends and family. The Mountain View Pain Center is located in Centennial, CO which allows us to provide convenient chiropractic care and rehabilitation treatment to Denver, Lakewood, Parker, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Hills, Lone Tree, and Green Wood Village.

Amarok Massage Therapy Amarok Massage Therapy is not a spa – it is a no-frills massage business designed to deliver high QUALITY MASSAGE to clients in the Denver Metro area. We are about HELPING - HEALING those that need a hand with injuries. We focus on restoring MUSCULAR HEALTH to individuals suffering from ACHES and PAINS, old and new.


A "troubleshooting massage" is a massage that targets the TROUBLED AREAS of your body from a therapist who helps you FIX them with bodywork now and better habits later.


Amarok Massage Therapy was created with a VISION as a wellness service for the Denver Metro area's overworked, stressed, and busy people. Massage is traditionally associated with the spa environment, with its luxuries and excesses. Massage should not be just for the rich. It should be also available in ways that are EASIER and more CONVENIENT for the crazy urban schedule.

True Metabolic Assessments Not everyone will lose weight by those generic height and weight calorie charts. The ONLY WAY to find out exactly how many calories you need to eat is by knowing your TRUE Resting Metabolic Rate.


Not everyone’s body responds to the generic fat burning and cardio training charts out there. The ONLY WAY to really burn away that body fat and see those results is to know your TRUE Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds with the VO2 Assessment.


So call TODAY and start working with your metabolism instead of against it. (303) 905-7472

DEB RUKA - Accupuncture - Universal Health Center 720-209-2984


There is one simple thing that everyone wants. TO BE HEALTHY AND HAPPY. This is where Debra Ruka guides you through the steps to achieve the BALANCE that everyone seeks. Debra is a licensed, board CERTIFIED ACCUPUNCTURIST who earned a M.S. in Oriental Medicine in 2007. Debra's philosophy is that being healthy is a science, so she blends the physiology of the body and the SAFE HEALING techniques of Chinese Medicine into a unique style of care that has produced outstanding results for her patients. Learn how to take CONTROL of your body and how it can be utilized to its ULTIMATE POTENTIAL. Her methods are based on experience, facts and practice; not fads. Whether it is through accupuncture or nutrition, Debra will not be satisfied until you are healthy and happy!


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